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February 15

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It's February, the month of St. Valentine's Day, and a month commonly associated with love. This is a wonderful time to create some scrapbook pages that show the love in your family. The great thing about scrapping with Valentine's Day themed kits is that your photo doesn't have to show obvious affection between two people. You can use just about any photo of people with a heart symbol or two and voila! You've just communicated love and affection!

Here are some ideas to get your creative motor running...

Photo of a mother and baby: Place your photo on a pale pink or pale blue background to instantly communicate that the baby is a boy or a girl. Add a bit of ribbon and two small hearts and you have a great basic page. If you'd like to add some lace or flowers, go for it. But don't feel that you have to get "fussy" to have a nice page that shows a mother's love for her baby. Add your journaling and you're all set!

Photo of a bride and groom: Place your photo on a white background with a pair of intertwined rings and a heart. Because weddings tend to be formal occasions you might like to dress up the page with white lace and a black bow tie. If you want to have a little fun with your page, add a lady's high heeled shoe, a glass of champagne, and a garter. Add the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date and location and you've got artwork ready to frame or add to your digi-scrapping album!

Photo of Grandparents and grandchildren: Place your photo on an aged/weathered background paper to suggest the passage of time. Add a few timeless elements like hearts and flowers. Finish with journaling done in a "kiddie" script and written from a child's viewpoint.

Portrait: Place your photo on a background paper that's the same color as the eyes of the person in your portrait. That should be a very pleasing color combination. If the photo is black and white, you have lots more choices for your background color. Do watch out for patterns though. If they're too busy your photo will get lost in the pattern. You want your photo to be the focal point of the page. Add as many or as few hearts as you'd like to convey your love and affection. If the subject has a favorite quote you might want to add that too!

A Pet: Take your cues from your pet on this one. A pink background for a German Shepard will come off as just plain silly unless you're a really talented artist. Then again, if silly is what you're going for... no problem! Generally speaking, any small to medium sized dogs (and all cats) that you could attribute the word "cute" to can have pale, feminine, background colors. Large breed dogs, or a smaller dog that has a more stoic look, would be better placed on the backgrounds of the more dramatic and passionate colors of red or purple. Add a heart and a dedication and you're all set!

Of course you can also create some traditional Valentine pages in pink and red with word art such as, "be mine", "forever love", or "I adore you". Valentine's Day is all about love and whimsy so there's no reason why you can't go frilly with loads of hearts and flowers and antique lace. Tis the season for love!

You can find some fabulous Valentine's Day themed kits at the February Blog Train Collab: Forever Mine. There's plenty there to suit even the most discriminating digi-scrapper. Head on over and get some free kits for yourself. Don't forget to thank the designers for sharing all their talent and efforts!

Happy Digi-Scrapping!





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